International cooperation and Anti- Terrorism Unit is a section in the NPA that handles mutual legal assistance requests, extraditions, acts of terrorism and related offences. The Unit facilitates interaction between Zimbabwe law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and other foreign jurisdictions in the gathering of evidence and extraditions of fugitives.

It supports the  inter-state cooperation and mutual legal assistance among judicial and law enforcement agencies with a view to put an end to impunity for international crimes of concern to the international community such as corruption, money laundering, terrorism and related offences and asset recovery which fall within the scope of the United Nations Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime.

Further, the Unit is also responsible for the prosecution of all terrorism offences as well as rendering legal advice in prosecutor guided investigations to enhance investigative practices in such cases. Terrorism is one of the major threats to humanity and it continues to be a danger to national, regional, and international peace, hence the Unit is there to ensure that acts of terrorism are eradicated in Zimbabwe.

The Unit offers legal guidance to law enforcement agencies on acts of terrorism since terrorism and related offences are by their nature sophisticated crimes and no single country can adequately prosecute them without cooperation from other countries. The Unit offers prosecution guided investigations on terrorism and related offences.