Inspectorate department

Report corruption and criminal conduct to the Zimbabwe Police Service, The Zimbabwe Anti- Corruption Commission or The Prosecutor General through the NPA Inspectorate on 024-2780950 | 024-2780758| 024-2780836 | 024-2780450 or Whatsapp on 0791390920. 

The National Inspectorate, Training, Legal Reform, Research and Anti-Corruption Unit of the National Prosecuting Authority (The Inspectorate Unit), is the internal watchdog which monitors and has an oversight role on the internal affairs of the NPA. The Unit also ensures and monitors compliance with NPA standard operating procedures. 

The Inspectorate Unit is also responsible for the improvement of prosecution standards. This is done through continuous monitoring of the NPA case load, setting and enforcing uniform standards of prosecution, as well as constant evaluation of quality assurance processes throughout the country.


Work Done Audits

Carrying out full audits of the work done at all court stations throughout the country.  

High Profile Matters

Prosecuting High Profile corruption cases in the superior and lower courts.

Complaints Investigation

Receiving and investigating all complaints directed at members of the National Prosecuting Authority countrywide.

Legal Research for Reform

Conducting legal research for continuous legal reforms and development of the Criminal Justice System of Zimbabwe

Monitoring & Compliance

Ensuring and monitoring compliance with the NPA Standard Operating Procedures

Internal Investigations

Ensuring and monitoring compliance with the NPA Standard Operating Procedures

Staff Induction

Ensuring that proper induction of newly recruited Prosecutors is carried out  

Staff Training

Ensuring that there is proper and regular training of staff members.

Performance Appraisals

Ensuring that staff performance appraisals are conducted at the end of each quarter and submitted to Head Office

Staff Welfare

Advising the Prosecutor General and Secretariat staff welfare

Management of resources 

Advising the Prosecutor General and the Secretariat on the deployment of human and capital resources for optimum results 

Sensitive Cases

Prosecution of high - profile corruption and sensitive cases and providing updates to the Prosecutor General